Who I Am

My name is Rich and I am a Creative Writer. Cloud Architect. JavaScript Engineer. Full Stack Developer. Health Aficionado.

From shining the bright light of transparency onto previously shadowed markets, to affording me the opportunity to work anywhere across the globe, I love & appreciate technology for it's unparreled ability to liberate. Blessed to have found my niche as a software developer, I am inspired by the challenge to perpetually innovate and educate.

Outside of my screenlife, I have an unbridled passion for investing in my own health & wellness. I have no known defense against local farmer's markets, am usually making something fermented, and will be forever dedicated to my fitness routine. In my free time I enjoy writing creatively and traveling with my beautiful wife Maddie.


What I Do

Comfortable traversing all parts of the modern software stack, I specialize in building web applications that are as eye-catching as they are meaningful. I also have an interest in serverless architectures, and frequently employ my background as a Certified Solutions Architect to deploy scalable software to AWS.


Things I Write

Fascinated by both technology & health conscious lifestyle choices, I often find inspiration at their intersection. When I do, my creative medium of choice is writing. Below you'll find artifacts of some of my battles with the blank page – please enjoy!